Lansing McLoskey:

Dear World

for SATB
Text by Poul Borum

Commissioned by Donald Nally and The Crossing (Philadelphia) as part of The Jeff Quartets project, in honor and memory of Jeffrey Dinsmore.

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Poem by Poul Borum (translation from original Danish by Lansing McLoskey)

Dear world!
…but no one helps here, dear world.
Each must stand firm in this useless decay.
there is a forest which isn’t a forest
just a collection of trees,
they call them
“The Trees of the Lonely.”
dear world!
there was so much I should have told you.


"Smart, compelling and fascinating music that gives strong hints of a punk-band past.…a chaotic collision of exuberant populist style with a bluesy edge and infectious punch."

      Lawrence A. Johnson, Gramophone Magazine, the Annual Awards Issue

"Lansing McLoskey composes music that is keenly heard and deeply felt.  His music reveals a remarkable sensitivity…resulting in works of emotional intensity. Avoiding any allegiance to “isms” he has developed a unique musical voice which is clear and distinctive."

– The American Academy of Arts and Letters, on the occasion of his receiving the 2011 Goddard Lieberson Fellowship.

"Lansing McLoskey’s is a distinctive voice in present day American music."

– Carlos María Solare.  The Journal of the American Viola Society.

 "McLoskey’s musical interests have evolved from being a guitarist and songwriter for punk rock bands to a composer of some of the most unique and engaging contemporary music written today."    

      – Benjamin Faris. The Saxophone Symposium.

“…one of the most exceptional and inspiring concerts I have ever attended.”

                             Elizabeth Perten, Boston Musical Intelligencer.

 "...this is real music, with rhythm, melody, harmony, and form, which the listener can perceive, but definitely is from the twentieth century."
–Thomas Hall, Journal of the American Viola Societ

"A major talent ... and a deep thinker with a great  ear."                                                                                                                                 –American Composers Orchestra press release

"But in fact the heart of the concert, for this listener, was an unassuming piece [Rosetta stone] by Lansing D. McLoskey - the "D" standing perhaps for dense, demanding, daring." 
 –Paul Horsley, The Kansas City Star