The following commercially released CD's include works by Lansing McLoskey.
Note: Audio of many other works is included on the "works" page.

Specitifc Gravity CD
Monograph CD: "Specific Gravity: Chamber Music by Lansing McLoskey" (Albany Records, TROY1443, 2013)
1-2.  Specific Gravity: 2.72 (fl/cl/sax/vn/vc/perc)
3-6. Sudden Music (soprano & piano)
7-11. Requiem, v.2.001 (fl/cl/vn/vc/pno/perc)
12.  Processione di lacrime (sax/vn/vla/vc)
13-14. Quartettrope (cl/sax/vln/pno)

Sixth Species CD
Monograph CD: "Sixth Species" (Albany Records, TROY1044, 2008)
1-3.   Wild Bells (viola and piano)
4.     OK-OK (sax quartet)
5-7.   Solsange ("Sun Songs"), SAT solo voices
8-13.   Tinted (piano trio)
14-18. Glaze (brass quintet & drum kit)

The Unheard Music CD
CD: "The Unheard Music" (Albany Records, TROY1442, 2013)
1-4.  What We Do Is Secret (concerto for brass quintet & wind ensemble)

7-13. The Madding Crowd (brass quintet commissioned by Meet The Composer)

Prex Penitentialis CD
CD: "An American Dream/Prex Penitentialis" (Albany Records, TROY1258, 2011)
Prex Penitentialis: The Prayer of Petrarch (NEA commission for soprano & orchestra)

Citizens of Nowhere CD
CD: "Citizens of Nowhere" (Albany Records, TROY1439, 2013)
Includes blur for clarinet and alto sax (commissioned for Dinosaur Annex Ensemble).

Glisten CD
CD: "Glisten" (Albany Records, TROY886, 2006)
Includes Glisten (piano trio, commissioned by The Barlow Foundation for The Calyx Trio)

Metamorphosis CD
CD: "Metamorphosis" (Beauport Classical, BC1805, 2009)
Includes Star Chamber (for solo violin, commissioned by internationally acclaimed violinist Linda Wang).

Don't Panic! CD
CD: "Don't Panic! 60 Seconds for Piano" (Wergo Schallplatten)
Includes theft (for piano & spoken word; First Prize winner in the Paris New Music Review International Composition Competition '60-seconds')

Cultivated Choruses CD
CD: "Cultivated Choruses" (Capstone Records)
Includes Non avra ma'pieta... (SATTBB chamber chorus)

Cornucopia CD
CD: "Cornucopia" (Capstone Records)
Includes breake, blowe, burn (SATB chorus & two percussionists, commissioned by ASCAP & SCI for the Indiana University Contemporary Vocal Ensemble)

Mormoniana CD
CD w/optional coffee-table artbook: "Mormoniana" (Tantara Records/Mormon Artists Group, NYC)
Includes corner grid (solo piano)

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