Lansing D. McLoskey:


('01, rev.'09) 
Duration: 15 minutes
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Winner, 2009 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Composition Competition
Runner-up, 2004 Swan International Prize for Orchestral Works
Included in the 2003 American Composers Orchestra New Music Sessions

The symphonic works of composer Lansing McLoskey have been praised by critics and won a dozen awards, including the 2009 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Composition Competition, the Omaha Symphony Orchestra International New Music Competition, the Charles Ives Center Orchestral Composition Competition, the Kenneth Davenport National Competition for Orchestral Works, and the Adelbert Sprague Prize, among others.

PRESS about his orchestral music:

"A major talent ... and a deep thinker with a great ear. ... His Requiem, ver.2.001x is distinctive, fascinating, and compelling."
–American Composers Orchestra press release

"The other standout on the program, McLoskey's Requiem...[is] a beautiful piece, one that conveys both ethereal solemnity and wrathful reckoning."
–Michael Manning, The Boston Globe

"Moraine...immediately grabs hold of the listener's attention with as commanding a statement by the orchestra as found in any other work.  With textures that vary from single-voiced solos to a harmony heavy with polytonality, the composer reveals here the talent that helped him win the prize."
–Marcus Kalipolites, The Times Herald Record

"Prex Penitentialis...[is] an evocative and inspired work that does a great job of connecting the centuries old script with today's troubled psyche. ...a modern work that resonates with the listener and doesn't attempt to alienate the audience."
–Jean-Yves Duperron, Classical Music Sentinel, May, 2011.

"Prex Penitentialis…an aura of early, simple-seeming church music - ethereal, chaste, distanced - darkened by slow stages into a musically complex and decidedly modern species of Angst.  Petrarch supplied the exquisitely tortured texts, Andrea Fullington (soprano) the exquisitely poised singing."
–Richard Buell, The Boston Globe

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