Lansing McLoskey:
Works for Saxophone

The music is arresting and compelling
the writing ingenious and brilliant, challenging
yet well written for the saxophone
, and with a
clear intensity throughout

– Paul Cohen, President, To The Fore Publishers

OK-OK is a delightful addition to the saxophone quartet library so definitely make time to hear it. It is easily worth it.

– Paul Wagner, Saxophone Journal

OK-OK (2006)   9 minutes
[saxophone quartet]
Commissioned by The Fromm Foundation for The Radnofsky Quartet
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Recording: The Frost Saxophone Quartet (from the Sixth Species CD, Albany Records)

Or you can follow the score and stream the music here:

SIKURTAWA (2015)   5 minutes
[saxophone quartet]
Written for TAWA Sax (Lima, Peru)
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Premiered by Dale Underwood and The Frost Sax Quartet at the 2016 International Saxophone Symposium.

“McLoskey’s musical interests have evolved from being a guitarist and songwriter for punk rock bands to a composer of some of the most unique and engaging contemporary music written today. … Upon hearing [his work] saxophonists will probably be awaiting future compositions from this fine composer. 

The music challenges both the performers and the listeners with its creative distribution of the solo throughout four voices and time. This fine recording will hopefully lead to future performances by other quartets interested in integrating jazz into classical or contemporary  saxophone programs.

– Benjamin Faris. The Saxophone Symposium


PROCESSIONE DI LACRIME (2009)  7 minutes
[alto sax, vln, vla, cello]
Written for saxophonist Philipp A. Stäudlin as part of the Dance Suite Project with Composers in Red Sneakers and Dal Suono Sommerso (Rome, Italy).
Winner, the 2009 "Music Now" Composition Competition
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Recording: From the Specific Gravity CD, Albany Records.

I love the movement back and forth between relative dissonances to consonances [in Quartettrope]… I love the sound of the piece as just a listener. But as I read through the score, I realize how clean and pure the whole thing is; and how wonderfully organized the form is.  Really, really beautiful!  [McLoskey] definitely deserve to get his share of fame one day.”

– John Perkins, founder of the afterPostModern contemporary music blog

QUARTETTROPE  (2008)   14 minutes
[clarinet, tenor sax, violin, piano]  
(same instrumentation at Webern's Quartett, op.22, and is played inside the Webern -- click on "about" for details)

Written for The Ibis Camerata
Premiered by Mimesis Ensemble. Recorded by the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players.
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I. Sehr maessig (Webern - McLoskey)

II. Etwas langsam (McLoskey - Webern)

BLUR  (2009, rev. 2011)   12 1/2 minutes
[alto sax & clarinet, with optional video]  
Commissioned for Dinosaur Annex Ensemble; originally for Basset horn and clarinet, arranged for alto sax and clarinet for the 2011 soundSCAPE Festival in Italy.
May be performed with or without the video by award-winning artist/filmmaker Rita Blitt
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Recording: Jan Berry Baker, sax; Kenneth Long, clarinet (from the Citizens of Nowhere CD, Albany Records)

Video w/music can be seen here (Note: the audio on the video
is the version for Basset horn and clarinet):

SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 2.72   (2012)  12 minutes
[flute, clarinet, alto sax, violin, cello, percussion]
Commissioned by the newEar Ensemble for their 20th Anniversary Season.
Winner, the 2014 Red Note Festival Composition Competition.

I.   Hardness: 7.5-8  
II.  November Graveyard  
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Recording: The newEar Ensemble; Steven Davis, conductor (from the Specific Gravity CD, Albany Records).

WHIRL (2015)   5 minutes
[alto sax & clarinet]  
Commissioned by the Silver Duo (Nathan Mensink, sax; Derek Smith, clarinet)
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Live premiere recording, Silver Duo, 2015 World Saxophone Congress, Strasbourg, France, July 9, 2015.


"Smart, compelling and fascinating music that gives strong hints of a punk-band past.…a chaotic collision of exuberant populist style with a bluesy edge and infectious punch."

— Lawrence A. Johnson, Gramophone Magazine. (review of Lansing's CD Sixth Species in the annual Awards Issue, Oct. 2008)

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