orchestra/concerti/large ensemble chamber vocal/choral film/theatrical electronic

orchestra/concerti/large ensemble:

…que la tierra se partió por su sonido ('18)  16'
[concerto for solo flute and flute orchestra]
Written for Trudy Kane and the Frost Flute Ensemble.

Zealot Canticle: An Oratorio for Tolerance ('16)  80'
[soprano, mezzo, baritone soloists; SATB, clarinet, string quartet]
Barlow commission for The Crossing. Premiered: March 18, 2017, Philadelphia.
Webpage to view the score, stream the audio, and read details about the piece.

What We Do Is Secret ('11)  24'
[concerto for brass quintet and wind ensemble]
Barlow commission for Triton Brass and the wind ensembles of The Boston Conservatory, University of Miami, and M.I.T.
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Webpage to stream the audio and read details about the piece.

post- ('10)  8'
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SLAM! ('07)  1'
Fanfare written for Thomas Sleeper and the Frost Symphony orchestra
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Requiem, ver.2.001x ('01, rev. '09)  16'
Winner, 2009 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Composition Competition
Runner-up, 2004 Swan International Prize for Orchestral Works
Included in the 2003 American Composers Orchestra Whitaker New Music Sessions
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Chanson pour cordes ('99)   8'
[string orchestra]
Written for the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra

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Prex Penitentiales: The Prayer of Petrarch ('97)   25'
[soprano soloist, 2222/2000/1perc/strings]
National Endowment for the Arts Composer's Grant commission
Winner, the Omaha Symphony Orchestra 1999 International New Music Competition
Winner, The Adelbert Sprague Prize for Orchestral Works, 1998
Winner, the 5th annual Boston Chamber Ensemble Composition Contest
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Moraine ('95, rev.2017)   12'
First Prize, Kenneth Davenport National Competition for Orchestral Works
Co-winner, Charles Ives Center Orchestral Composition Competition
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Occam's razor ('92)  18'
cello concertino [solo vc/3110/2221/2perc/2vln/4cb]
Commissioned by cellist Holly Reeves (The Anacapa String Quartet)
Co-winner, the ASCAP Grants to Young Composers Competition
view score excerpt & program notes

Symphoniæ Sacræ ('91)  18'
Winner of The Hans J. Salter Composition Award
Phi Kappa Phi Award
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Le Sacre du Nöel ('87)  2'

chamber works:

Mühlfeldtänze ('18)      7'
[clarinet quintet]
Commissioned by the Aaron Copland House and the Hoff-Barthelson Music School
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Suite hypnagogique ('18)     7-12'
[solo piano]
Commissioned by pianist Scott Holden and the Mormon Arts Center
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Discipline ('15)      17'
[oboe, piano]
Commissioned by oboist ToniMarie Marchioni and the University of Kentucky
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Two ('15)      9'
[solo violin]
Commissioned by the New Spectrum Foundation for violinist Miranda Cuckson
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Sikurtawa ('15)      5'
[saxophone quartet]
Written for TAWA Sax (Lima, Peru)
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Whirl ('15)      5'
[clarinet, alto sax]
Commissioned by The Silver Duo.
Premiered at the 2015 World Saxophone Congress, Strasbourg, France
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Specific Gravity: 2.72 ('12)      12'
[flute, clarinet, alto sax, violin, cello, percussion]
Commissioned by the newEar Ensemble for their 20th Anniversary Season
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Haute Dance  ('14)  
[Baroque violin, tenor gamba, theorbo]
Commissioned by Chatham Baroque
view score and stream audio

Hardwood ('11)     20'
[wind quintet]
Commissioned by the International Joint Wind Quintet Project (JWQP).
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The Unreal City ('11)    16'
[soprano, percussion, piano, on texts by Poul Borum]
Commissioned by the soundSCAPE Festival, Maccagno, Italy.
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blur ('09)    12 1/2'
[clarinet & Basset Horn duo, with optional video]
Also exists in a version for clarinet and alto sax
Commissioned by Dinosaur Annex Ensemble
May be performed with video of a series of paintings based on the piece by renowned artist Rita Blitt.
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Video w/music can be seen here:

Sudden Music ('09)    16'
[Song cycle for soprano and piano, on texts by Javen Tanner]
Commissioned by Mormon Artists Group (NYC).
Scroll down to "Vocal/Choral Music" category below for score and streaming audio.

Processione di lacrime (Pavan) ('09)    7'
[alto sax, vln, vla, cello]
Written for saxophonist Philipp A. Stäudlin and
Chameleon Arts as part of the Dance Suite Project with Composers in Red Sneakers and Dal Suono Sommerso (Rome, Italy).
Winner, the 2009 "Music Now" Chamber Music Composition Competition, ISU New Music Festival
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Quartettrope ('08)    14'
[clarinet, tenor sax, vln, piano]
Written for The Ibis Camerata
Premiered by Mimesis Ensemble
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I. Sehr maessig (Webern - McLoskey)

II. Etwas langsam (McLoskey - Webern)

lux.5 ('08)    4'
[2 vln, vla, cello, bass]
Written for The Chicago Miniaturist Ensemble
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gnomonic projection ('08)    1'
[piano four hands]
Written for the 50th Anniversary of the College Music Society
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The Madding Crowd  ('07)   18'30"
[brass quintet]
Meet The Composer/CRS commission for Triton Brass
Premiered at the 2007 Tanglewood Festival
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Catherine's Wheel  ('07)    15'
[marimba, violin]
Written for international acclaimed marimbist Eduardo Leandro
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OK-OK  ('06)    9'
[saxophone quartet]
Commissioned by The Fromm Foundation for The Radnofsky Quartet
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Yellow ('06)    12'
[flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion]
Written for Xanthos Ensemble
co-Winner, the 2009 American Composers Forum/LA Composition Competition
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I. Dancing Without A Head

II. Yellow

outroit  ('06)    1'
[3 percussionists]

Glisten  ('04)    18'
[violin, cello, piano]
Commissioned by The Barlow Endowment for The Calyx Trio
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audio featured in the "listening room"

[lux]  ('03)    3'
[solo piano]
Commissioned by Mormon Artists Group (NYC) for pianist Grant Johannesen

Requiem, v.2.001  ('00)  15'
[flute/picc/alto flute, clarinet, violin, cello, perc, piano]
Commissioned by MATA and The New Millennium Ensemble
First Prize, the 2010 newEar Ensemble Composition Competition
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Glaze  ('00)  10'
[brass quintet & percussionist]
Written for the Atlantic Brass Quintet & Robert Schulz
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audio featured in the "listening room"

Oh, Continue, Oh!  ('00)   7'
[Suite for continuo ensemble]

Wild Bells ('99)  24'
[viola, piano]
Barlow Endowment Commission for violist Leticia Oaks Strong
Winner, the 1999 Lee Ettelson Composer's Award
First Prize, the SCI/ASCAP 2000 National Student Composition Competition
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audio featured in the "listening room"

Tinted ('98)   14'
[violin, cello, piano]
Winner of the George Arthur Knight Prize, 1999
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audio featured in the "listening room"

zámbáah ('98)   6'30"
[flute/picc/alto, clarinet/bass clar., violin, cello, piano]
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Flere (pavan) ('96)   9'30"
[viol consort]

Plaindance ('96)   22'
[oboe/english horn, clarinet, viola, cello, contrabass]
written for Speculum Musicae
view score excerpt & program notes
Last mvmt: "Masque of Stars; or, a Prayer"

Theft (or; One Minute Less)  ('96)  1'
[solo piano]
First Prize, The Paris New Music Review Int'l Composition Competition "60-Seconds"
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Rosetta stone ('94/'95)  10'30"
[flute/picc, clarinet, viola or violin, cello, percussion, piano]
view score excerpt, mvmt II. & program notes
I. fast
II. not fast

flux in situ ('89, rev. '91)  14'
[string quartet]
Winner of The Corwinn Award for Chamber Music Composition
(3rd mvmt)

Star Chamber  ('92)  5'
[solo violin]
Commissioned by violinist Linda Wang
Winner of the The Bohemians Composition Prize
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Piano Sonata No. 1: "Natural Man" ('88)   9'
[solo piano]

vocal/choral works:

Dear World ('15)     5'
Commissioned by The Crossing
view score and stream audio

Zealot Canticle ('11)     12'
[SATB + clarinet]
Commissioned by the Cincinnati Vocal Arts Ensemble
view score

The Unreal City ('11)    16'
[soprano, percussion, piano, on texts by Poul Borum]
Commissioned by the soundSCAPE Festival, Maccagno, Italy.
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The Memory of Rain ('10)    20'
[Choral song cycle for SATB and organ, on texts by Philip Levine.]
Commissioned by the Pew Charitable Trusts for The Crossing Choir, as part of the Philadelphia Music Project.
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Sudden Music ('09)    16'
[Song cycle for soprano and piano, on texts by Javen Tanner]
Commissioned by Mormon Artists Group (NYC).
co-Winner, the 2010 American Composers Forum/LA Composition Competition
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Listen (Rebecca Duren, soprano; Alan Johnson, piano)

Venite, sancti, venite ('09)  13'
[SATB choir]
Commissioned for The Melbourne Chamber Choir
as part of the Reflections Project

view score

Come Follow Me, Venid a mí ('08)  5'
[SATB choir, piano, optional cello obligato]
Written for LDS South Miami/Homestead Stake Choir
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Lamentatio discipuli perpetui ('06)  3'
[STB choir]
Written for the 50th Anniversary of the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library at Harvard University

Burning Chariots ('03)  12'
[SATB choir]
Written for The Boston Secession
view score
view program notes
Listen (live concert recording by The Crossing Choir)

Riddle ('01)  8'
[4 solo male voices]
Written for The Hilliard Ensemble
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breake, blowe, burn ('01)  12'
[SATB choir, 2 percussionists]
Commissioned by ASCAP & The Society of Composers, Inc. for The Indiana University Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
view score
(audio featured in the "listening room")

Solsange ('01)  11'
[SAT solo voices]
Commissioned by Liber unUsualis & King's Chapel, Boston
view score
audio featured in the "listening room"

O mira novitas   ('99)  6'
[SSA solo voices]
Commissioned by Tapestry
Winner of the Francis Boott Prize for Vocal Works, 2000
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Non avrá ma' pietá/Quando con gran tempesta/Non vivam ultra  ('91)   4'
chamber choir (SATTBB)
Released on Capstone Records
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Darting Gray  ('87)  4'30"
[soprano, piano]

A Blow to the Individual   ('86)  5'
[SATB, piano, vibes, flute, contrabass]


Incidental music for Ordet ("The Word") by Kai Munk  ('04)   10'
For The Handcart Ensemble theater company in NYC
excerpt: "Life! (Resurrection)"

Hummm aka B(ee) Movie ('04)  6'
[cello, percussion]
Live filmscore for Odd Appetite, for film by Ann Steuernagal

flock of birds
('03)  1'
[violin, piano]
Live filmscore for film of same name by Pamela Kaneb Larson

Family Portrait ('93)  4'30"
[string quartet]
filmscore for film of same name by Scott Kravitz

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electronic pieces:

Lullabies (in progress)  11'
And That's Not Right ('03)  6'

Baby, I'm, uh, want you ('03)  8'
Breth and Geels ('92) 10'
Notturno ('91) 10'
Ka-gu-ra ('91) 7'
Misereris omnium, Domine ('90)  5'
She was leaning towards him with parted lips ('88) 4'30"

All works published by Odhecaton Z Music (
BMI) 14532 SW 142nd Court Cir. So.   , Miami FL 33186

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